24 November, 2013

A conversation between neighbors.

"So Nandita, what did your husband get you for your birthday?", asked Misha.

"Oh! Tons of stuff Misha! A diamond necklace, a new dress from Chemistry, a wonderful gooey chocolate cake...", Nandita trailed on.

Misha noticed a pretense behind the happiness Nandita was demonstrating. But she knew better than to question her about it. Ten years of being Nandita's neighbor, she had seen and heard much more than she should have. She knew what went on behind closed doors, for she had heard the screaming, the hitting and the fresh bruises on Nandita's body. But what made her stay in that abusive relationship, she failed to understand. Was she lured by the money or the materialistic possessions?

Nandita was once an independent woman with a wonderful career. She got married to a man, who had crushed not only her dreams, but her confidence as well. She still had enough money in the bank to leave him and start a new life, she knew that.. but..

Misha came back to the present when Nandita snapped and asked, "Where have you traveled off to?"

Misha smiled, "Don't mind my asking, but tell me, why are you still bearing the brunt of something that was never your fault?"

Nandita held back her tears and said, "Misha, you have no idea, but getting married was my childhood dream. I wanted to be with a man who would love me and give me more happiness than I had ever felt. I wanted to have his kids, be a wonderful wife and have a happy family. None of those things seem to be coming true, but I am still hopeful. But now,  I am at the least fulfilling my dream of being a wonderful wife...."

Misha hated herself for judging Nandita to be a gold digger. Misha had no words to say, should she tell her to be practical, move on and start a new life or should she tell her that people of such character never change?

Speaking her mind, Misha said, "When you finally escape the hold of your husband, you get a whole new outlook on life. You will start feeling emotionally and mentally more stable. There will be an overwhelming sense of freedom you will get while finding yourself once again. You'll be able to do things that you haven't done for a while. It's like being set free from prison, your choices will be unlimited. Being alone would have never felt so good! And God will guide your way.. He knows your dreams and if He thinks a wonderful relationship is what you deserve, he will send one your way and help you heal. But darling, unless you make a decision and help yourself, nobody can help you live the life you dreamed of."

Nandita hugged Misha and said, "I wish it were as simple as you said."


25 October, 2013

I'm nothing without you.

How far should I tread alone,
Before you come and clasp my arm?
How much more pain should I endure,
Before I get an understanding hug?

Deeply flawed,
I am;
But with you by my side,
It all adds up,
To the most perfect equation,
One that you and I together create.

I always need to know that..
You'll never let me go,
For it is with you,
I know what compatibility feels like.

The long gone past we talk of,
The future yet to come we dream of,
And the present that we share,
As far as heaven you go to,
To make it momentous.

What will life be without you,
I never want to know,
I crave your company,
I yearn to spend time with you,
I pine to see you happy,
I hope my wishes are heard,
For these, indeed, are my life's greatest desires.

24 October, 2013

I'm overwhelmed to have YOU.

I complain of a migraine,
Or of a stomach ache,
Maybe even of a cold,
Just knowing I feel sick,
You're ready to rush me to the hospital,
Awww.. I feel overwhelmed!

You motivate me to study,
And teach me to prioritize,
You spoon-feed me and spoil me rotten,
You pamper me like I'm your queen,
Awww.. I feel overwhelmed!

There's nothing that your love for me can't accomplish,
It's divine, it's enchanting;
It's pure, it's rewarding;
But above all..
The amount of love you possess for me,
Overwhelms me and leaves me contended,
And indeed..
A life with you by my side is exactly what I look forward to. :)

13 October, 2013

What I forever need.

I hold your hand,
And cannot believe how wonderfully our hands fit,
As we embrace each other,
A trance we fall into,
For we cannot believe how wonderfully our bodies entwine.

The times when we cook,
I hold close to my heart,
For it is in those times I learn togetherness;
Forward I look to,
With inquistiveness,
To what the future has in store for us.

The times when you kiss me before we leave,
It makes me feel so loved;
When you kiss my nose,
I tend to crinkle it;
When you kiss my ear,
The resounding sound deafens me for sometime,
Thus making you my main picture.

Baby, I don't know how to let you know that I love you, so..
I'll give you all my time and more love than you will ever need,
I'll hug and listen to you vent when you're upset,
I'll share all your joy and happiness,
I'll be the best version of myself;
And all I ask for in return?
An endless, inexhaustible stock of undying love,
Will you please give me that forever??

18 August, 2013

100 fiction.

One look at her and I went spiraling down the memory lane. I remembered how I hated the way she was rude to people, I hated how plain she looked and so many things about her attitude. But today, she had enhanced my life in a way nobody else ever could have. She brought in joy and happiness, laughter and most importantly, love.

I told my son, "Love isn't about who looks hottest or prettiest. It's about who can make you smile widest and feel overwhelmed with emotion with just one look. It's about who looks after you when you're sick, who listens to you when you're down and who tends to your every need. It's not about who has abs underneath his shirt or who looks the perfect couple. In love, we always are perfect in each other's eyes."

My wife of 25 years, who passed away five minutes ago, taught me the most important lesson of my life.